Specialized Services

BRTA is more than a provider of 15 fixed route services to 12 communities in Berkshire County. Each of our full-size buses is equipped with a wheelchair lift and ramp and is accessible to people with disabilities.

In addition, BRTA’s fleet includes a number of smaller, specially equipped vans that provide customized services to older adults and people with special needs. BRTA is fully compliant with transportation requirements contained within the Americans for Disabilities Act, passed in 1990.

Travel Training

Knowing how to get around using BRTA bus services can be challenging, regardless of age or ability. BRTA offers a travel training program, and it’s free!

Paratransit Support

BRTA provides transportation services for people with disabilities and for older adults. Ambulatory vans and chair cars, equipped with wheelchair lifts, are available for curb to curb service.

Human Service Transportation/Mass Health Brokerage

Significant numbers of Berkshire County residents don’t own cars. BRTA provides non-emergency transportation to doctor visits for MassHealth patients.