Rules & Policies

Welcome to bus travel on the BRTA. We are dedicated to getting you to your destination safely and on-time. Here are some helpful tips on ways you can help.

Riding the Bus: The Ins

When you enter the bus, drop the exact fare in the fare box next to the bus operator or tap your Charlie Card on the orange target. Please remember: Operators cannot make change.

Find a seat, sit back and relax. Each bus has seating for older adults and people with disabilities. Please avoid these seats.

If you are in a wheelchair, you can board the bus through either the front or rear door. The front steps of most buses can be lowered for people who have trouble stepping up. Just ask the operator to lower the step.

Riding the Bus: The Outs

A block before your stop, touch the signal tape or pull the cord above or between the windows. This will let the operator know you want to get off at the next stop. Please stay seated until the bus has come to a full stop. After you get off, stand to the side of the road or on the sidewalk until the bus has pulled away. DO NOT Cross in front of the bus or walk along beside the bus.

Rules of the Road

Please be courteous to the operator and to your fellow passengers. There’s no smoking, eating, drinking alcoholic beverages or playing loud music. Feel free to bring beverages in spill-proof cups or bottles on the bus and take them with you when you depart. If you have parcels or strollers, please make sure they are properly stowed and not in the aisles. Only service animals or animals in carriers are allowed to ride.

Bike Racks

BRTA buses have bicycle racks attached to the front bumper. Each rack holds two bikes and are made available, first-come, first-served. To use, pull down the rack and load your bike.

Flag Stops

If you wish to board the bus, you may wave to the bus operator. The operator will stop to pickup or discharge passengers wherever it is deemed safe.

Restricted Stop Areas

In business districts or shopping center parking areas, buses are only allowed to stop in designated areas.

Customer Code of Conduct

In September 2019, the BRTA Advisory Board approved a Code of Conduct for our customers. Its purpose is to establish clear expectations for rider behavior so that we might maintain a high level of safety and service for all of our riders. Here is a link to the policy.