Route 14 Schedule

Route 14 Pittsfield Southeast Loop

Effective May 20, 2024
Monday – Saturday Only

Line Map


RService by request only. Call BRTA to schedule a pick up. Inform driver to schedule drop off.
GBus returns to Downing Parkway Garage
No Service
BoldBold times are PM


Outbound Weekday

Route 14 Outbound Weekday 05-20-2024

To Downing Parkway: Weekday
→ Outbound
1 Depart Pittsfield ITC2 East St and Newell St (Out) 3 Stop and Shop on Merrill Rd (Out)4 Allendale Plaza DCR Rail Trail5 Walmart Pittsfield6 Arrive Downing Parkway
9:309:379:419:459:509:55 G

Outbound Saturday


Inbound Weekday

Route 14 Inbound Weekday 05-20-2024

To ITC: Weekday
→ Inbound
6 Depart Downing Parkway7 Williams St Plaza8 Elm St and Newell St (In)9 Park Square10 West St and Onota St (In)11 Linden St and Dewey Ave (In)1 Arrive Pittsfield ITC
9:55 G------------

Inbound Saturday


No Service on New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.

Lost and Found

Passengers who leave items on buses should contact BRTA as soon as possible. Please include a description of the item, route, and vehicle number if possible.

Courtesy Policy

Please be courteous to others. No smoking, playing radio, pets without pet carriers, alcoholic beverages, or eating on BRTA buses. Bicycles and other large items are not allowed on the bus. Strollers and shopping carts must be folded, all items must be kept off seats and out of the aisle. Non-alcoholic beverages must be consumed from spill-proof containers.

Paying the Fare

Bus Drivers cannot make change.

Please use exact change only or Charlie Card.

Transfers are not issued with cash fare payment, Transfers are automatically loaded onto a Charlie Card, transfers are valid for only sixty (60) minutes.

Local Fare is travel in town you boarded in plus one adjoining town. System-Wide is travel through three (3) or more towns. Passengers will be surcharged to transfer from a local fare to a system-wide fare. For more information on fares, click the button below.

Charlie Cards

Full Fare Charlie Cards can be obtained from the bus driver or at the Intermodal Center. Reduced Fare Charlie Cards can only be obtained at the Intermodal Center.

For more information on Charlie Cards, click the button below.

Free Transportation to

  • Personal Care Attendants accompanying a BRTA-certified disabled person carrying a BRTA-issued TAP Card.
  • Any passenger on their birthday with photo ID proof.
  • Children five (5) years of age or younger, when traveling with an adult. Maximum of two (2) children per adult.

Reduced Fare

  • Any passenger sixty (60) years of age or older with a Medicare Card.
  • Students Grades K through 12
  • Any passenger with a Massachusetts Access Pass; this pass must be presented each time you board.


All buses are universally accessible, are equipped with kneelers, lifts or ramps, and may transport wheelchairs.

Wheelchairs longer that 48”, wider than 32” or if total weight exceeds 600 lbs., may not be accommodated. This schedule and information will be produced in accessible format upon request.

Bikes on Buses

All BRTA buses can carry bicycles; there is no additional charge. This is a first come-first served system, and passengers are responsible for loading and unloading their own bicycles. BRTA is not responsible for bicycles loaded onto BRTA vehicles by passengers.