Fare Free Buses During the Holiday Season

The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority (BRTA) announced today that beginning November 24, 2023 through December 31, 2023 all BRTA bus and ADA complementary services would be free thanks to a grant included in the state budget and awarded by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  The “Try Transit” initiative will be supported by the state grant that was awarded to fourteen of the Commonwealth’s Regional Transit Authorities who worked together to submit a joint application and implementation plan. This is the second year this grant was awarded. While the focus is on the free bus rides for the Holiday Season, the BRTA will also go fare free in June and July of 2024.

The Advisory Board of the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority is enthusiastic about this opportunity to offer free transit service both as a thank you to our faithful riders and offer an opportunity to those unfamiliar with our services to “try transit.”

“Removing the cost of transportation for this ‘Try Transit’ event provides a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning how to ride the BRTA”, stated BRTA Administrator Robert Malnati.   “Although primarily designed to attract new customers by easing access to services, ‘Try Transit’ will also offer a financial reprieve for current BRTA riders during these times of high inflation.  It is expected that the savings and increased mobility offered by BRTA’s services will translate into increased spending at local businesses.”

Questions regarding the “Try Transit” fare free events should be directed to BRTA’s Customer Service at 499-2782 X 1. Thank you for your ridership and Happy Holidays!