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Service Changes Effective July 25, 2021

The BRTA is affected and impacted by the nationwide workforce shortage. This lack of qualified operators for BRTA vehicles is resulting in a reduction of transportation services including fixed bus route and paratransit.   To continue BRTA’s reliable service, some weekday routes will be curtailed for a short term, about 6-8 weeks, as we continue to hire and train additional operators. Saturday schedules are not affected. We apologize to our customers for this inconvenience as public transportation is very important to our riders.

Summary of Service Changes

  • Route 4: 
    • Depart ITC at 6:05a, 8:05a, 10:05a, 12:05p, 2:20p, 4:20p.
    • Depart Hinsdale at 6:43a, 8:43a, 10:43a, 12:43p, 2:58p, 4:58p.
  • Route 5:
    • Depart ITC at 8:30a, 10:30a, 12:30p, 2:30p, 4:30p.
    • Depart Lanesborough at 8:55a, 10:55a, 12:55p, 2:55p, 4:55p.
  • Route 11:
    • Depart ITC at 7:35a, 9:35a, 11:35a, 1:50p, 3:50p.
    • Depart BCC at 7:50a, 9:50a, 11:50a, 2:05p, 4:05p.
  • Route 15:
    • Depart ITC at 8:00a, 10:00a, 12:00p, 2:00p, 4:00p, 6:00p.
    • Depart Lebanon Ave at 8:12a, 10:12a, 12:12p, 2:12p, 4:12p, 6:12p.
  • Route 16: 
    • Depart ITC at 9:30a, 11:30a, 1:30p, 3:30p, 5:30p.
    • Depart Allendale Plaza at 9:45a, 11:45a, 1:45p, 3:45p, 5:45p.
  • Route 21X: 
    • 7:00a ITC departure cancelled.
    • 7:45a Fairgrounds Plaza departure cancelled.

All other scheduled bus routes will operate as normal.

Paratransit- ADA and non-ADA service will both be on hiatus for Sunday and holiday service.

BRTA has and will continue to hire additional operators through a multifaceted approach. If you are interested in becoming a BRTA operator, please contact Operations at 499-2782 X1 or email

Thank you for your understanding and your ridership.

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