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ADA Regulations

Services are limited as follows:

A) Service is limited to the following hours of fixed route bus service; 5:45 AM to 7:20 PM on weekdays and 7:15 AM – 7:00 PM on Saturdays. There is no service on Sundays, New Years, Martin Luther King, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Columbus, Veterans, Thanksgiving and Christmas

B) Service is curb service from origin to destination. In accordance with FTA
56 FR 45604 and or 49CFR 37.129a where the local planning process
establishes curb-to-curb service as the basic paratransit service mode,
however, provision should still be made to ensure that the service available
to each passenger actually gets the passenger from his or her point of
origin to his or her destination point. To meet this origin to destination
requirement, service may need to be provided to some individuals, or at
some locations, in a way that goes beyond curb-to-curb service.

BRTA established curb to curb as the basic mode of paratransit service.
This is identified as “curb service from origin to destination.” This is not
intended nor will result in passengers being restricted to curb service only.
Consistent with origin to destination service, BRTA regularly provides
greater than curb service. This is based on passenger need and /or trip by
trip scenario. To be clear, in these instances door to door service is NOT
considered enhanced but an accommodation. In these instances door to
door service is considered ADA general service and NOT Premium Service.
BRTA does NOT charge additional for this accommodation as it is based on
passenger need rather than request for convenience.

Similarly, BRTA routinely extends its basic curb to curb service when
passengers’ mobility is limited and prevents them from getting to the curb
of either their origin or destination. This is typically determined with input
from the passenger during, or after, the ADA eligibility process and/or
request by the paratransit provider.

C) Service corridor is only within ¾ mile of BRTA fixed bus route alignment for trip origin and destination. Both the origin and destination for each trip
must be within ¾ mile of the fixed route bus service.

D) Service request are made on a next day bases and must be called in before 5 PM on any given day. You may call no more than 14 days in advance. When calling in your ADA reservation you must tell the dispatcher that you are using ADA tickets.

New Structure Implemented January 2014ADA Fares
Local (in-town) $2.50 Beige Ticket
Local (in-town + adjoining)$3.50 Green Ticket
Systemwide (in-town + 2 towns)$7.50 3 Beige Tickets
Systemwide / Max (in-town + 3+ towns)$9.00 Salmon Ticket

Updated 8/19.

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