Chair-Car Services


The BRTA implemented changes to the fixed route fare structure beginning January 27, 2014. The ADA fare structure was also impacted by these changes. These fare changes coincided with the introduction of the CharlieCard and the new farebox system. To view a slideshow of the new fare structure, please CLICK HERE. (PDF)

ADA Tickets
The beige ADA ticket ($2.50 each) can be used for both the Local in-town $2.50 fare and Systemwide in-town $7.50 fare. A green ADA ticket ($3.50 each) is used for the Local adjoining fare of $3.50, while the salmon ADA ticket ($9.00 each) is used for the Systemwide maximum fare of $9.00. All ADA tickets are used on the paratransit vehicles for origin to destination service within the BRTA fixed route service area and/or hours of service. CLICK HERE to view the ADA regulation sheet for additional requirements (PDF)

Non-ADA Base Ticket
This yellow base ticket can be used on the paratransit vehicles for origin to destination service outside the BRTA fixed route service area and/or hours of service or door to door service for convenience rather than necessity. Drivers can escort passengers to and from the front door of the primary building upon arrival at both the origin and destination. The driver would not cross thresholds into interior areas of doctor's offices, homes, or apartments. Should individuals require this additional assistance, a PCA, companion, friend, or family member should accompany the passenger as the driver will not provide this additional assistance. This ticket is what is considered a base ticket with a cost of $7.50 each. Every pick up would require a yellow $7.50 ticket.

Non-ADA Additional Ticket
Each pink ticket cost $ 2.50 and would always accompany a yellow base ticket. This pink ticket would be used for each additional town(s) of travel that is outside the pickup town. For example if someone is traveling from Pittsfield to Lee, the driver must receive 1 yellow ticket and two pink tickets.

Blue Ticket
This blue taxi ticket is to be used like cash. The payment would go according to the taxi meter, but paid with tickets instead of cash. If payment exceeds the fare, change will not be given. Taxi tickets are sold in strips of 5 for $4.00.

All trips are scheduled by the individual and made directly with the vendors. The BRTA does not schedule trips at this time.