Bus Route 14 Service Reinstatement

Starting Tuesday, December 27, the Bus Route 14 will start running from Downing Parkway at 10:30 AM and will continue into the evening until 9:55 PM.

In an effort to provide reliable service to our customers, the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority (BRTA)’s bus route 14 had reduced its service to evening hours. This temporary service reduction was directly attributable to the nationwide bus driver shortage now impacting the residents of Berkshire County.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to resolve our ongoing staffing shortage.

BRTA is and has been striving to hire additional drivers through a multifaceted approach. If you are interested in becoming a BRTA operator, please visit

Please call the BRTA at (413) 499-2782 #1 should you have any questions about these service changes or employment opportunities.

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