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Proposed Service Changes

BRTA continually evaluates the performance of bus routes and other services to ensure that we are providing our community with the best transportation options possible. Successful services may be improved, while other services may need to be revised. The proposed service changes are scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2021. To view a copy of the presentation, click this link.

Submitting Comments

BRTA actively seeks and encourages community feedback and questions regarding the proposed service changes. All comments will be reviewed before proposals are finalized. The instructions to submit comments are:

  • Written comments and questions may be emailed to:
  • Verbal comments can be submitted by calling: BRTA at (413) 499-2782 ext. 2895.
    • Please record a message up to 3 minutes in length. Name and contact information is preferred, but not required. 
  • Online comments accepted through the “Contact Us” form:
  • Deadline to submit comments: May 31, 2021

Summary of Proposed Changes

  • Transfers:  Amend transfer policy to allow for more travel flexibility.
  • Route 1:   Weekday evening schedule adjustments.
  • Route 2:  Travel pattern change around Pittsfield ITC.
  • Route 3:  Bus stop location change at Big Y North Adams.
  • Route 4:  Weekday morning schedule adjustment.
  • Route 5:  Travel pattern change between ITC and Hancock Road.
  • Route 11N:  Discontinue pilot evening service.
  • Route 12:  Change Federico Drive to a Demand Service location.
  • Route 14:  Begin pilot weekday evening service.
  • Route 15:  Weekday and Saturday schedule adjustments.
  • Route 21X:  Travel pattern change around Pittsfield ITC.

Thank you for your interest and your ridership.

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