Please review BRTA Service Plans in response to COVID-19. Click here to learn more >>


The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority (BRTA) is committed to the health and safety off all customers utilizing our transit system during this uncertain time of the Covid-19 pandemic. All BRTA vehicles are cleaned every evening using products that are effective against the spread of the Coronavirus. Our facilities are cleaned using the same Coronavirus effective products multiple times a day, especially in high traffic, high touch areas. Posters from CDC and FTA outlining ways to reduce the spread of the coronavirus are posted in our facilities, vehicles, and employee bulletin boards. Our Operators follow CDC guidelines regarding handwashing, coughing, and general etiquette to remain healthy.

This is an ever-changing situation. As of this moment, there have been no changes to any routes or times. As these times are uncertain, the Administration of the BRTA is in contact with our Federal, State, and Local leaders and will follow their guidance. If any changes are warranted, a press release and an update to the website, will be submitted as soon as possible.

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